Ursula Celano is an Irish designer based in Dublin. Her designs are uniquely Irish with a contemporary twist.

Each design is intended to express a style and situation that is uniquely Irish but also bang up to date with the current design aesthetic.

Her designs are award winning, featuring in Showcase Ireland's best 50 products each year that she has exhibited. Her notebooks won 'Best Gift of 2014' at Showcase.  


"I left Ireland and emigrated to the UK after graduation and returned to Dublin ten years later with an English-Italian husband hence the surname (pronounced 'Cheh -lano') and an interesting career in management consulting focusing on tourism. I spent lots of time looking at gift shops on different consultancy projects; I often thought that I would really like to see something which matched my own view of my beautiful country for sale. All my life I have been drawing and making things but I have also been a passionate tour guide and really liked my work in tourism development. I decided to combine everything into a new Irish gift brand and see what the response was. 

 I am always thinking of new products and trying to manufacture in Ireland where possible. My notebooks and cards are made here in Dublin.  Since 2014 I have been working with a fair-trade charity in India to make the fabric production (which cannot be done in Ireland) as ethical and worthwhile as I can. "